Wound Consultants of South Texas (WCST) is a Medical Education and Supply Management company based In South Texas. The company was established In 2013 and Its focus is on the care and management of Chronic Wounds , Soft Tissue Reconstruction ,Nerve and Tendon Repairs, Hernia and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction among other specialties. The corporate goal Is to provide Its clinicians and their staff with state of art clinical modalities and current best practice stem dads based on medical evidence. 

WCST is the only authorized distributor for Integra Life Sciences in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) and Its area of operations extends to Laredo and Corpus Christi. It is a distributor of medical products designed to manage and heal chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous and arterial ulcers, and pressure injuries. The company also provides training on adjunctive therapeutic modalities, practice management and cost containment procedures and has a molecular reference lab at its disposal. 


WCST is also distinguished by the support it provides to their clinicians. As part of this support, the company hosts monthly Wound Management workshops throughout the RGV-Laredo and Offers local clincials hand-on Wound Management seminars where the participants can practice and develop their debridement,wound bed preparation, suturing and wound management skills using porcine models.


As part of its upgrade and expansion program,WCST is committed to expanding Its product line to include Hand and Foot & Ankle orthopedic reconstruction and neurogical products. it's a program that is being set up-said Cesar Lozano, CWS, RVS. CWCMS. FACCWS. DAPWCA. the CEO of Wound Consultants of South Texas. 'With 8 dissection tables mounted in our Advanced Bioskills lab, under the guidance of our Instructors and the support our audiovisual equipment. clinicians throughout the area will be able to test novel Clinical products. Mr. Lozano further stated our main focus Is to provide clinical services, evidence-based practices and educational support while providing the best therapies modalities and products.'


With a full team of doctors and wound specialists, Wound Consultants of South Texas teaches everything from basic wound management concepts to the application and use of the advanced regenerative biologicals available on today's market.





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We are only supplier of Integra and HNM Medical products for the state of Texas.
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Wound Management


Acute vs. Chronic Wounds 

-A chronic wound is one that fails to heal within a reasonable time—usually 1 month.

.-An acute wound heals more quickly, causing minimal functional loss in the part of the body with the wound.


Identifying the cause of the wound also is essential. If the wound etiology is unknown, explore the patient’s medical history (including medication history) for clues to possible causes. Also review the patient’s history for conditions that could impede wound healing. Other important aspects of assessment include evaluating the patient’s nutritional status, quantifying the level of pain (if present), and gauging the patient’s self-care abilities.

Developing an appropriate plan of care hinges on conducting a thorough, accurate evaluation of both the patient and the wound. The first step is to determine whether the wound is acute or chronic.



- Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

- Skin Substitutes​​- Allografts & Xenografts

​- Lymphedema Decongestive Therapy 

- Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (THBO)

- Wound  Management Products

- Specialty Dressings

- Molecular DNA Laboratory Services


Wound Management Modalities We Offer
What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Product

- Do a complete wound assesment

- Establish your goal of therapy

- Support the patient and the wound

- Rule out intrinsic and extrinsic Factors

- Establish a plan of care

- Utilize a multi-disciplinary approach

- Continuosly evaluate the patient and Wound​

- Explore non-invasive alternatives



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